Ondine is the girl who came from the sea’ … her name means’ comes from the sea’

When she decides to cross the ocean to the surface to search for his ‘man of earth’, his human, to live a happy life with him / her.

During her stay on earth, she will cry 7 tears of salt … when she has cried her last tear, she will return to the sea.


Name: Ondine

Available skins: Normal – White – Lilac

Size: 1/3

Wig: 9-10 inch

Eyes: 12-14 mm

Price (without shipping cost): 550€



  • Doll without makeup
  • Certificate
  • Protector pillows
  • Box
Head Circumference: 21.50cm
Neck: 8cmArm length: 17cm

Chest outline: 24cm

Waist: 15.50cm

Hip-back contour: 26cm

Contour hip-thighs: 29cm

Length of leg: 26cm

Foot: 6cm

– Payment methods available: Paypal or Bank transfer

– Payment in installments: It is possible in 2, 3 or 4 months. Payments made are non-refundable.

– Waiting time: The estimated time of manufacture of months (which may vary according to the circumstances of production of the casting company)

– Shipping methods: The doll will always be sent by national or international certified mail through Spain Post. If you want another method or additional insurance, contact for know the additional cost.

– We are not responsible for the damages suffered during the shipping, it is for this reason that we advise the payment of additional insurance.